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The Australian Centre for Addiction Research (ACAR) provides information on Substance abuse in Australia, with articles on Substance abuse and substance abuse treatment programs. Discussion about adolescent substance abuse and youth substance abuse in Australia. Also looking at drug abuse, alcohol abuse, substances abuse. Vist our website to get more information on our addiction help programs or find what we offer to help individuals, families, youths, adolescents, adults and parents. The Australian Centre for Addiction Research (ACAR) is here to help.
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We need YOUR input: Expectations and experiences of consumers seeking assistance from Psychologists / Clinical Psychologists

This is an anonymous investigation. If you have received professional consultation from a psychologist or a clinical psychologist in the past 24 months, we are interested in finding out about your experiences. You will be required to complete questionnaires about what expectations you had before seeing a psychologist, and about your experiences from these professional consultations. You will also be asked to provide information about your age, gender, ethnicity and living status. No personal details are required (e.g. name / address). The questionnaires will take approximately 30-minutes to complete. The information collected will be handled in confidence. You can withdraw from the study anytime you wish.

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