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Australian Alcohol Guidelines at a Glance

To limit health risks:
MEN - should drink no more than 4 Standard Drinks a day on average and never more than 6 a day.
WOMEN - should drink no more than 2 Standard Drinks a day on average and never more than 4 a day.
EVERYONE should have 1 or 2 alcohol free days.

Keeping track of the amount of pure alcohol you drink is important to protect your health. Counting Standard Drinks is simple -- everytime you have a drink, check how many Standard Drinks are in the container and just keep adding them together.

There are risks associated with drinking alcohol. People in the following categories should be cautious. People who:

  • Have a condition made worse by drinking
  • Are on medications with a clear warning not to drink
  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Are pregnant or planning pregnancy
  • Are about to engage in activities involving risk or a degree of skill (e.g. driving, flying, water sports, skiing, operating machinery)