Australian Centre for Addiction Research // ACAR
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Service Evaluation

ACAR is experienced in offering practical and clinically based research findings to develop guidelines, perform clinical auditing, and assist in the implementation of best practice, while monitoring the change process, with the view to improve the quality of clinical practice.

Interdisciplinary Training Programs

ACAR offers a range of training opportunities to professional and students from a variety of disciplines.


Clinical Workshops

We offer clinical workshops in the areas listed below. These workshops are designed in such a way that health care professionals will be able to implement the programs within their clinical settings.

  • Controlled Drinking Programs
  • Enhancing Motivation and Increasing Compliance Training Program
  • Community Reinforcement Approach Program
  • Integrating Pharmacological and Psychological Interventions
  • Relapse Prevention Programs
  • Manage Your Addiction & Mental Illness (MYAMI) Clinical Programs
  • Cue-Exposure Treatment for Alcohol Problems
  • Reducing Suicide Risk Program
  • Partner and Family Assisted Treatment Programs
  • Guided Self-Change Programs for Alcohol & Other Substance Misusers
  • Managing Excessive Pornographic Use

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