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Specialist Clinical Services

Controlled Drinking by Correspondence Program

The Controlled Drinking by Correspondence Program is a NSW state-wide program to reduce excessive drinking within the community. It's primary focus is to provide a correspondence (by mail) treatment program for people who wish to cut down their drinking on their own. Participants are not required to attend any alcohol treatment clinic.
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Control Your Drinking Online: A Web-Based Self-Change Program

Research has shown that most people can learn to control their drinking on their own. This is a free and interactive treatment program that consists of different modules designed to assist people cut down their drinking via the internet. This program is similar to the Controlled Drinking by Correspondence Program in its contents but is different from it by virtue of being completely self-administered. Participants are not required to attend any alcohol treatment clinic.
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MYAMI Clinical Programs (Manage Your Addiction & Mental Illness)

These specialist clinical programs are aimed at reducing alcohol and other substance misuse in mental health settings, and addressing comorbid psychological distress often presented within drug and alcohol treatment.
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Reducing Suicide Risk among Alcohol & Other Substance Misusers

Hopelessness, depression, and alcohol/substance abuse present as major risk factors for suicide. This clinical program is designed to reduce these factors and reduce the probability of self-harm among this population.
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Cue Exposure Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

In this novel treatment program participants are given alcohol to drink ("Priming Doses") as part of a moderation drinking treatment program.
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Partner & Family Assisted Programs

This brief program for partners, family, and significant others, of alcohol and other substance misusing clients, is deigned to help them to learn to cope and therefore more likely be able to assist in recovery.
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Clinical Outcome Measures

The following clinical outcome measures have been developed by members of ACAR:

  • Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Evaluation Form**
  • Client Treatment Goals Form*
  • The Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire - From C**
  • The Impaired Control Questionnaire**
  • Alcohol Hopelessness Scale **
  • Controlled Drinking Self-Efficacy Scale**
  • Measure of Opiate Dependency Scale**
  • Drug & Alcohol Self-Efficacy Scale**
  • Heroin Use Precipitant Inventory (HUPI)*
  • Partner/Significant Other Coping Self-Efficacy Scale*

** Published in peer reviewed scientific journals
*  In preparation for publication
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